The Cookie Business, Business Plan

Your cookie business, business plan

 Good lord, what a process! Writing a business plan has always been the most daunting task for me to accomplish with my past business ventures. You would think it would be easy because all you have to do, really, is talk about your business. But folks, a business plan takes a ton of research.

I do have to say, that although it is a really tedious task, it is also really worth it in the end. Once you’ve accomplished this chore, you realize that you suddenly know things about your business that you only thought you knew before, but really didn’t. So it’s a worthwhile endeavour, even if you will never set foot in a bank to ask for a business loan
(I never have).

So if you need to write a business plan, here is a  business plan outline that will walk you through the process step by step. And if you get stuck, you can always ask a counselor at the SCORE web site. They are a fantastic resource, and it’s free!

Good luck, and Happy Baking!


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