Start Your Own Cookie Business

Satisfy your appetite for success and take a bite out of the $3.6 billion cookie industry when you start a profitable business filled with sweet rewards.

Leading you on your journey of starting a cookie business, I will give you an inside look at the flourishing industry and present you with just the right recipe for a successful start to your business.

Choose from a menu of fresh ideas, read must-have tips and understand the critical information necessary to start being a successful cookie baker and seller.

  • ~Start and run your business on a very small budget.
  • ~Grasp industry-mandated legal requirements related to the cookie industry.
  • ~Get the inside scoop on inexpensive marketing materials and techniques.
  • ~Know how to navigate the social media network and learn what it takes to make friends and connections – fast!
  • ~And more!

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Here is some general information (much of which I cover more in depth in my book) on starting your own cookie business.

The Cookie Business, Business Plan

Shelf Life Testing

Scaling Your Cookie Recipes

How To Market Your Cookie Business

How To Create Your Own Cookie Recipes

Cookie Business Reference Library

Cookie Business Names

Can You Sell What You Bake?

10 Steps To Great Cookie Photos


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