Frosting Vs. Icing

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is, or which one you should decorate your cookies with, this is the difference between the two.

Frosting is thicker and can be used to create different shapes and more intricate decorations like rosettes. Most folks like frosting a lot more because it has a richer, creamy taste. Frosting is used to make pretty designs on cakes and cookies, like the piping you see around the edges.

Frosting can be spread over an entire surface, or piped through an icing bag to create designs.

Here is a recipe for some yummy buttercream frosting, as well as some instructions for piping frosting.

Icing is thinner and it will harden as it dries. It has much more liquid in it, and is generally used as a simple top coating on a cookie. You can’t decorate with it in the traditional sense. You can’t create little rosettes or piping with it. However, it makes a beautiful top coating, which is usually considered a decoration on it’s own.

Icing is generally applied with a spoon or basting brush. Although, some icing should be put through a piping bag to help manage it a bit better. Here is a recipe for royal icing and also a recipe for powdered sugar icing that will dry nice a shiny.

Happy Baking!