Cookies for People with Diabetes

While I was pregnant, I found out I had gestational diabetes. It was miserable. I was pregnant, nauseous, hungry, and fighting a myriad of different pregnancy cravings, all while having to follow a diabetic diet.

But it did force me to do a bit of research. And since my chances of developing diabetes dramatically increased after my pregnancy, I’ve had to look into other ways of supporting my love of cookies, without sending my blood sugar sky high.

While reducing sugar intake is very important, carbs are what the doctors tell you to keep tight control of. So enjoy these cookies just a few at a time, and you won’t feel like you are completely left out when it comes time for something yummy. You may also want to eat a small bit of protein before enjoying your cookies so your sugar stays a bit more stable. Just think of the cookies as your “snack dessert”. Also, remember that people with diabetes don’t need a special “sugar-free” cookie. They do need to moderate their inner cookie monster by counting carbs and giving the proper insulin dose. What you want to avoid is spiking the blood sugar.

Here’s the list!

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