Twix Bar Cookies

by National Cookie Network

twix bar cookies

Holy cow! I do love a good Twix bar every now and again. They just seem to hit the spot when I’m finished with a marathon grocery shopping spree. Especially this time of year when I seem to live at the grocery store! But at least the baking supplies are on sale. That helps a little.

But I digress.

I was absolutely elated when I happened across this recipe for Twix Bar – Bar cookies!

The one thing I hate about the Twix candy bars, is that they are always gone so quickly. A few bites, and poof! My magic moment of bliss is over.

But now I have the solution. I’ll make my own! A whole pan full! These bar cookies taste almost completely spot-on. The tasty resemblance to the actual candy bar is uncanny.

So now, all my life requires is a little planning and baking ahead before I go to the grocery store. That way, I have these fabulous bars to come home to! Can’t beat that with a stick (or a candy bar!).

Happy Baking!

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