Rum Spice Cookies

by National Cookie Network

rum spice cookies

Rum Spice Cookies. Doesn’t the name just conjure up the warmth of the upcoming holiday season? The leaves will be turning, the apple cider will be brewing, and the oven will be exploding with fabulously, luscious aromas.

Add a little Rum Spice to the end of a long day, and you’ve got some fantastic comfort cookies! I can smell them now… no seriously… I can. I have a second batch baking in the oven this very moment.

It reminds me of this story my grandmother used to tell me. She said that during war time (WWII), they didn’t have much of anything. Sometimes they didn’t even have food. So they would go downstairs to the local bakery and stand outside of it getting full off of the smells. Have you ever done that? Gotten full off of a smell? I have. What a way to diet, eh?

Anyhoo, enough about the aromas. These cookies are delish! Pop some in the over to see what I mean.

Happy Baking!

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