Random Acts of Kindness Cookies

by National Cookie Network

One of the goals of the National Cookie Network is to feature others who love cookies, be they chefs, gifted amateurs, cookie business owners, or just someone who really loves cookies. We received today’s guest post from an individual who bakes cookies then gives them away in what she calls Random Acts of Cookie Kindness. We received her submission via our Be Featured submission form.  If you have a cookie story or would like your business or organization featured, feel free to submit the details to us!

I was “that one”, that could multi task, bake from scratch, remember mine as well as EVERYONE’s schedules – 500 miles an hour in 52 directions, 3 kids, husband of 23 years….. You know the type…..always involved, always energetic, always helping others out and going “above and beyond” -making sure I am involved with my kids education and upbringing – kind of an overachiever, if you must give it a name….


On September 26, 2010, I was experiencing severe fatigue and just didn’t “feel” right. After some research on my trusty computer, I urged my husband to take me the E.R. He did, and we checked in. Nothing could be found through all the tests run, and they were about to send me home for the night. That’s when mine, my husband’s, my children’s, our families’ and friends’ world changed in an instant.

I had gone off to use the restroom, and (since I don’t remember any of this – it’s been retold to me many times, though) – and apparantly came back to where my husband was sitting and waiting and collapsed in his arms. – RIGHT THERE IN THE E.R.- can you imaginej?

During that event, Top Doctors and staff initiated 56 minutes of C.P.R in order to save my life. By the grace of God, the hands of the surgeons and prayers from family and friends – I survived this devastating event.

After the ‘event’, my short term memory was lost. I had to re-learn just about EVERYTHING….and sometimes Everyday, I was re-learning the same things, since the short term memory had been affected. I guess that’s a small price to pay for getting a second chance at life.


Well, one day, I decided I wanted one of those pretty iced cookies that I had seen,YOU know the ones I mean. But I simply disliked the “icing” and/or fondant on the top of them. I researched the web, read cookbooks, visited pastry shops. (And, you must realize, that I had to take a lot of notes – several times – since I would simply FORGET where I had put them, or if I had read the book!!!). I often think that if I were a kid, then Christmas would be so fun – I’d have a new toy everytime I looked at it :)…. But seriously, it was like that movie, “Groundhog Day”…. not so much fun!

So, to continue on my baking journey, I kept baking and creating and icing and tweaking the frosting until I found the perfect combination.

(I must tell you, my family enjoyed this part, very much!!! After all, aren’t “reject cookies” divine?….but that’s a whole ‘nother story…..)

Anyway….because I was baking so many, I started to give them away.

First, just the nice ones, then the nice ones AND the rejects….

It didn’t seem to really matter what they looked like, the deliveries simply made people SMILE!

I thought to myself, “Self, God blessed you with a second chance at life…what are ya gonna do with it?”

Self replied, ” make cookies and give them away – make other people smile”…

And from that, R.A.C.K was born. RANDOM ACTS OF COOKIE KINDNESS- And it is just THAT – RANDOM – but each and every delivery is made with love, caring and smiles.


– to pay Kindness Forward with a Smile.

After all – God gave me this gift – and now, is teaching me how to use it in a positive way

Random Acts of Cookie Kindness

R.A.C.K. Cookie Deliveries

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JR April 12, 2014 at 5:37 pm

Wow, that is scary and amazing at the same time. Glad you are ok (you are ok, aren’t you??). I love cookies and would like to think they love me. Haha. I have never gotten random acts of kindness cookies. That sounds fun. Can’t wait to try some recipes. Love sugar cookies, but they are scary cookies to make. One false step…I don’t think I’ve had one successful batch made (in my eyes).


Mika July 22, 2014 at 5:05 pm

You had me at “craft room” 🙂 Love the jumble of peahtbrusnis in the teapot and the inspiration board…I am so itching to carve out a little craft space in my own house!


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