Product Review – Rolling Pin Rings

by National Cookie Network

Rolling Pin Rings

If you’ve ever struggled with the thickness of your dough when using a rolling pin, you might want to try rolling pin rings. I can’t do my baking without them. No matter how much you roll, you are guaranteed that your dough will be the same thickness all the way across.

What does this do for your cookies? When your dough is rolled evenly, you get cookies that bake evenly. Plus, every cookie on the sheet will be baked to the same perfection, because they are all the same thickness.

The ones I use are Casabella Silicone Rolling Pin Spacer Bands. They seem to be holding up really well, and do a good job of doing exactly what they are supposed to do (That doesn’t always happen with some baking gadgets. I have a drawer full of them to prove it!).

If you have to bake a lot of cookies this season, make life easy on yourself. It’s a very affordable fix to, what can be, a frustrating baking experience.

Happy Baking!

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