Pressed cookies

by National Cookie Network

pressed christmas cookies

Pressed cookies, also known as “Spritz Cookies” are fun to make. But to make them, you need tools. A cookie press, for starters. Along with a cookie press, you get several different kinds of disk inserts with different “cut outs” to push the dough through. These will create the pretty shape of your cookies, and usually come with the press when you buy it.

It should be noted, that if the dough isn’t just right, a cookie press can be a bit of a hassle. The dough will tend to stick to the press instead of coming off and onto the cookie sheet. However, if the dough is done correctly, you’ll be creating flowers, butterflies and a bunch of other fun cookie shapes in no time. Just be prepared to experiment a bit with this dough until you get it right.

Here is a recipe I found at for spritz cookies. It sounds like a good recipe and has several great reviews, but again, be ready to experiment. Climate has a lot to do with how cookies turn out. Start with your ingredients at room temperature, instead of taking them straight from the fridge. You should always do this anyway, unless your recipe says otherwise.

Do you have a good recipe for spritz cookies you’d like to share? Post a comment below, or email me, and I’ll post the recipe here on the blog!

Happy Baking!

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