Pecan Sandies & Caramel Filling

by National Cookie Network

carmel pecan sandiesOh boy, oh boy, oh boy… do I LOVE caramel! It’s right up there with toffee and chocolate.

In fact, I may have created the perfect cookie here. You see, in addition to what the recipe asks for, I also added 1/2 cup of chocolate chips to the food processor when I ground the pecans, and added 1/2 cup of toffee to the dough when I was mixing it.

I took one bite of these Caramel Pecan Sandies and did the Snoopy Dance around my kitchen. My husband thought I had lost my mind and my son just giggled at me from his “bear cave” under the counter. Yep, I momentarily lost it for these wonderful little goodies. Please try them and tell me I’m not the only one here. You’ve just GOT to try these. I bet you’ll be doing the Snoopy dance too.

Happy Baking!

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