Meringue Cookies

by National Cookie Network

Gosh, I’ve sure been running into some really pretty cookies lately. Today’s cookie is no exception.

Can’t you just imagine these being served at a lovely Christmas party? They’ve got good looks and cuteness all wrapped up into one cookie. And oh… did I mention? They taste great too!

If you like Meringue Cookies, try one of these. Meringues are fun to make, but they certainly test your ability to delay gratification. I love the way meringues are prepared and this author really goes into detail about everything from humidity to the type of bowl you should use, and even gives you tips for storing these fabulous little goodies.

All in all, these are a wonderfully, light and airy cookie that really packs a punch in the look department. Move over “Top Model”, here comes “Top Cookie!”

Happy Baking!

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