How To Market Your Cookie Business

by National Cookie Network

Folks, this is a huge topic. Marketing is such a broad topic, and can include so many different methods of getting your name out there.

Of course, the best kind of PR you can get is “word-of-mouth”. When your customers get out there and essentially market your cookies for you by spreading the good word, well, there just isn’t any better way to build your business.

But outside of that, here are some low cost options:

  • Brochures – people love these. (I like for my paper based printing needs)
  • Do tastings a local, family run stores. If you approach the owners with a basket of cookies, you’d be surprised how quickly they’ll let you do a tasting.
  • Start a blog
  • Build a web site and make sure it is “search-engine-optimized” (There are free classes on the internet for this)
  • Have t-shirts made for yourself, friends and family to wear (Vista Print does this)
  • Have car door magnets made. (again, Vista Print does this)
  • Get involved in your local outdoor markets
  • Get involved in community events and celebrations

The main thing with marketing is to just get out there and scream your name from the rooftops. You have to remember that no matter how loud you scream, somebody out there did not hear you. So figure out how to scream louder.

I wish you the best!

Happy Baking!


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