How to Bake Great Cookies

by National Cookie Network

If you are going to bake a great cookie, you have to start with great ingredients. You can’t purchase the cheapest ingredients you can find, and expect to produce the next best thing since Mrs. Fields.

The truth is, that cookie ingredients can make or break your cookies. These little delicacies tend to be temperamental. So treat them kindly by using the proper ingredients. Need examples?

Use fresh ingredients! Old or stale ingredients, make for stale tasting cookies.

Use butter, not margarine or butter substitute, and never lard (unless the recipe specifically calls for it). The better quality your butter is, the better the flavor of your cookie will be. Warm to room temperature before use.

Use bleached flour, not unbleached.

Use good quality eggs at room temperature, not straight out of the fridge.

Use the proper sugar. Substituting different types of sugars randomly will ensure your cookies are a huge flop. If you recipe calls for powdered sugar, use powdered. Don’t substitute for something else.

Use good quality extracts. The cheap ones, taste cheap.

Last but not least, measure all ingredients exactly.

Happy Baking!


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