Gingerbread House Kit

by National Cookie Network

gingerbread house kit

Yep, it’s time to start thinking about Gingerbread houses and holiday baking! The holidays are only a couple of weeks away, so brace yourself!

If you’d like to make a gingerbread house this year but don’t have to time to do all the baking, then here comes a gingerbread house kit to the rescue!

Color-a-Cookie Gingerbread House KitThis darling little house will be up and looking festive in no time. And just think how much fun the kids will have putting this together!

You know you have a real time saver on your hands when you can not only skip the baking, but keep the kids entertained for a while as well. Just think of all the holiday “to-do’s” on your list that you can get done while all that is going on!

Happy Baking…. err… assembling!

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