German Holiday Thumbprint Cookies

by National Cookie Network

If you are trying to avoid the “evil white stuff” (sugar and flour) then I’ve got a great holiday recipe for you!

These German Holiday Thumbprint Cookies are not only made with whole wheat, but are naturally sweetened and filled with healthy goodness.

And I can tell you from personal experience, these little goodies are both wholesome AND tasty! How often do you get that combination, eh?

The nice thing is, you can fill them with just about any flavor jam which gives you lots of versatility. These cookies really compliment whatever jam you fill them with. So if you wanted to use 3 different flavors of jam, you could pretty much have 3 very different flavored cookies.

Give these German Holiday Thumbprint Cookies a try and you’ll be baking them again and again. (And you won’t even have to feel guilty!)

Happy Baking!

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