German Holiday Oatmeal Cookies

by National Cookie Network

german oatmeal cookiesThis recipe for German Holiday Oatmeal Cookies from The Gracious Pantry is one of my favorites because of it’s versatility.

The recipe itself is for a healthier basic oatmeal cookie dough that you can add all kinds of flavorful ingredients to.

When I made mine, I did part of the batch with mint extract and chocolate chips, and another batch with lemon extract and lemon zest. I also did chocolate chocolate chip, and vanilla.

The possibilities are endless! And the nice part is, if you don’t have a certain ingredients in your pantry, you can always try something else. Mix up the spices, or get creative with the vegetables (zucchini anyone?)!

Either way, you’ll end up with a really good cookie.

Happy Baking!

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