Eggless Lace Cookies

by National Cookie Network

Eggless Lace Cookies - Photo used with permission.

Eggless cookie recipes are one of my most popular categories here. Apparently, there are a lot of you who need to shun the little oval white doo-hickeys.

Personally, I love em’. I eat them all the time. But I totally understand the allergy thing. There are certain foods I just cannot eat. So with that in mind, here is another eggless cookie recipe that I thought was absolutely wonderful!

Lace cookies always make a fabulous impression. They look like they were a ton of work to make, but they aren’t. Eggless Lace Cookies taste pretty much the same as lace cookies made with eggs, so you’re not sacrificing flavor without them.

This particular recipe was fun to make, and the cookies were quite tasty. I love pistachios (is there anyone that doesn’t??), so these were right up my alley. The only challenge I had was finding rose water. I had to go to 6 different stores to find this stuff.

Of course, it would have been smarter to call before I started driving around like a mad woman. But that would make it too easy. I mean, where would I be in life if I made things easy on myself? (Please don’t answer that.)

Happy Baking!

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