Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies!

by National Cookie Network

Oh bugger. I’ve been home all day with bronchitis. All these California fires that are burning and muckin’ up our air have really gotten to me and my lungs. So today, it’s official, I’ve got bronchitis. Yuck.

But on the bright side, I’ve had a bit more time to surf the net for more cookie info I can share with you all. And I found an amazing cookie recipe!

chocolate-fortune-cookieWell, the title says it all. Can we say yum? Chocolate dipped fortune cookies. I’ve never met a fortune cookie I didn’t like, and I’ll never look at fortune cookies the same way again. Who’s brain child was this?? They should be the next Mrs. Fields!

I don’t know about you, but whenever my husband and I go out for Chinese food, the meal never feels complete until I’ve had my fortune cookie. I mean, isn’t that why everyone eats Chinese food anyway? For the cookies???? (~snicker~)

Anyhoo, for this recipe, you don’t even have to make the fortune cookies. You just buy them at the store, and dip them yourself.

Check out the recipe here. Let me know if you try these. I plan on trying this recipe as soon as I can stop coughing for more than 10 seconds!

Happy Baking! (Or in this case, dipping!)

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