Chocolate Amaretti Cookies

by National Cookie Network

These chocolaty cookies are just a little bit angelic. You see, they are low fat AND tasty!

Yes, yes, there is sugar in them, but let’s face it. We’re talking about cookies here. And sometimes, you just need something sweet. Am I right?

These Italian delicacies are wonderful with a cup of coffee. I made them in secret last night, and got up early to go to Starbucks for coffee. I made it back just in time… minutes before my husband woke up and realized I was gone. He stumbled out into the kitchen and woke up immediately when he saw coffee and cookies for Saturday Morning Breakfast!

No, we don’t survive solely on cookies around here, although sometimes it seems like it. We do manage to get the occasional vegetable into our bellies from time to time. After all, we have a young son to make a good impression on. So we generally save the cookie eating until he’s sleeping.

Saturday Morning Breakfast was an absolute delight!

Here’s the recipe. And if you have any cookies left over (ha ha), you can make all kinds of goodies with them, like Baked Peaches With Amaretti Stuffing, a Necessary Crip, or Pumpkin Resotto (one of my favorites, yum!)

Happy Baking, Tiffany!chocolate-amaretti

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