Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

by National Cookie Network

Last night, I was babysitting for a friend. I had 5 kids (all under 6 years old) in the house, and it was my responsibility to keep them entertained and fed. So in preparation, I thought I’d make some cookies. What kid doesn’t like cookies, right? Wrong!!!

I’ve never had so many picky eaters in all my life. I asked what kind of cookies they liked, and I got every answer under the sun. So I thought I’d be sneaky ask them what kind of cookies they didn’t like. Silly me. Once again, I got a million different answers. So, I bit the bullet, and just grabbed a recipe out of my “to-bake” pile. I figured, if the kids didn’t like them, that meant all the more cookies for me!

cherry chocolate chipAgain…. silly me. They were gone before they could cool off. I didn’t even get a single cookie. So I’ll have to just give you the kids opinions. I believe their exact words were, “these are gooooood!” (And I didn’t even tell them they were whole wheat cookies!)

I’ll be baking more of these cookies in the future, and this time, they will be all for me!

Happy Baking!

Photo & Recipe: The Whole Grain Gourmet

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