Celebrity Cookie Recipes

by National Cookie Network

If you’ve ever wondered what the stars are baking in their own kitchens, here’s a look into 4 of their ovens.

1) Who wouldn’t love some cookies baked by our lovely first lady, Michelle Obama. Her Shortbread Cookies are positively perfect, and I’m sure they get served at the White House on a frequent basis.

2) I admit it. I have a crush on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Goofy, I know.  Even my husband rolled his eyes when I told him. (Of course I told him!) So I just had to try these Gingerbread Men Cookies Dwayne bakes with his daughter. (Such a lucky girl.) Yummy! I’ll be baking these again for the holidays! (I’m such a groupie!)

3) I’m just old enough to be just a little out of the loop when it comes to the new generation of actors and singers. But this girl is such a cutie! So while I don’t know much about Ashley Tisdale, I did find a cookie recipe she likes to bake. She calls it her Secret Cookie Recipe. But let’s get real folks, it’s a sugar cookie. There isn’t anything secret about it. They sure are some yummy cookies though!

4) She might not have made it to the White House, but I think Cindy McCain’s Oatmeal-Butterscotch Cookies deserve a mention here.

And in case you’re hoping for a George Clooney cookie recipe, I’m sorry to disappoint. I used his photo because it’s the only celebrity photo I have that I can’t get in trouble for posting here. He was in North Carolina not far from where my friend Becky lives. She raced over a town or two to catch a glimpse, and apparently caught this photo as well.

So George, if you are reading this, please take pity on my readers and I and send me a cookie recipe, would ya? Thanks babe!

Happy Baking!

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