Cardamom Cookies

by National Cookie Network

Cardamom Cookies

I seem to be running across some very unique and scrumptious cookie recipes these days. It really is amazing what some people can create when it comes to a cookie.

Take the blog I’m about to tell you about, for instance. Here is a girl who is a student, a pastry chef in the making. Her blog is fabulous, and her cookie creations look divine!  (And she even does all her own photography!) While cookies aren’t her only focus, you can bet she’s got some amazing recipes for them on her blog. The Cardamom Cookie, for example (Pictured here). Don’t they look amazing?

Well, drool no longer, because she gives you the recipe so you can taste them yourself! Just think what a unique and wonderful gift these would make for someone. (Or for yourself!)

Some of the other cookie recipes she offers are:

Stop by and take a look. You never know. She may just inspire your inner pastry chef!

Happy Baking!

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