Can you sell what you bake?

by National Cookie Network

home kitchen

I can’t stress enough, the importance of checking your local and state laws to find out if you are legally allowed to sell what you bake in your own home.

There are many small and “unnoticed” businesses out there that bake/cook illegally out of a home kitchen. You need to ask yourself if this is a risk you are willing to take with your business.

The fact is, that there are states that allow you to sell what you bake in your own home. In fact, in recent years thanks to the efforts of citizens such as yourself, Cottage Food Laws have enabled more people than ever to start home based baking businesses . The key is to do the research first. DO NOT assume that because you know of some person baking/cooking and selling out of their own kitchen that it must be okay for you to do the same. Please check with your local government agencies to be sure. You don’t want to put all your hard work and effort into a business that gets closed down because you did not do your homework.

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