Baby Shower Cookies

by National Cookie Network

Is it just me, or are there a lot of pregnant women running around lately? It seems everywhere I turn, I bump into a belly well before I bump into the woman attached to it.

It makes me wonder what happened 9 months ago? Did we have a blackout? A massive party I didn’t know about? Did a lot of people take romantic vacations all at once? Hmm. It’s a mystery.

The thing with babies is that they generally seem to be preceded by a baby shower. Funny how that works.

You see, I’ve only attended two baby showers in my life. A friends (I threw the shower), and my own. So I’ve been on both sides and I’m here to tell you that favors can sometimes be a pain in the ol’ beehind. Know what I mean?

It seems that the perfect favor is as elusive as the reason for all these babies!

But don’t worry. If you are finding yourself in this very situation, I’m here to help.

Ladies (and gents), let me introduce you to The Baby Shower Cookie. It’s really the perfect favor because nobody is going to wonder what dusty shelf they are going to let it sit on for the next 20 years. In fact, I’d be amazed if these favors make it out the front door.

The best favors are the ones people will talk about years later, not the ones they have to keep dusting because they are worried you might notice it’s not on their shelf any longer. You want a favor that people will want to take photos of. Favors that other women will want to copy for their own baby showers. Those are the favors great baby showers are made of.

There’s just no comparison ladies. Cookies are the perfect baby shower favor.

Happy Baking!

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