Are your cookies done baking?

by National Cookie Network

lemon star cookiesThe “doneness” of a cookie varies from recipe to recipe. But here are a couple rules of thumb that I like to follow.

  1. If your recipe gives you a time range, for example 7-10 minutes, then bake your cookies for 7 minutes, and check every minute thereafter until done.
  2. If I’m going for a chewier, gooier cookie, I will actually under bake by about one or two minutes. This  is a great technique for chocolate chip cookies. Especially if you’re using the pre-made nestles dough. They are absolute heaven when just slightly undercooked.
  3. Typically, you want to bake a cookie until the very edge has just the slightest hint of brown to it. Any darker than that, and they will typically be over baked.

Now folks, when I say undercooked, I don’t mean raw. It’s important to bake your cookies well, especially if they have egg in them. Experiment a bit and see what works for you and your oven. Cookies can go from “not done”, to overdone in less than one minute. So keep an eye on them.

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