Agave and Honey Oatmeal M&M Cookies

by National Cookie Network


Ummm….. you mean you haven’t tried these yet?? OMG! These are probably the tastiest healthy cookies on the planet!

I LOVE the M&Ms. But you could even do chocolate chips that are fruit juice or grain sweetened if you don’t want the sugar in the regular M&Ms. Sunspire offers Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips in both packages and bulk. Many health food stores carry them now. (Word was that they were being discontinued, but so many people contacted Sunspire that they are supposedly back in production!!!)

Simply use the recipe at the link below, replace the honey with Agave and add M&M’s instead of raisins!  (This idea came from “The Recipe”,)

The adapted recipe can be found here.

Happy Baking!

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