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Be Featured on The National Cookie Network

Since 2008 The National Cookie Network (formerly The Cookie Blog) has been showcasing the best cookies and cookie recipes from all over the internet.  Now we want to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

We are always looking for bakers and decorators who are doing great things in cookie decorating/recipe creation/tutorials/entrepreneurship. If you have a cookie, recipe or blog post that is extra special that you think would be perfect for The National Cookie Network, please submit it using the form below.

Submission Guidelines

1. What we’re looking for: We are looking to publish photographs, recipes and unique cookie tutorials. 2. Photographs: Please submit at at least 2-5 photographs that you feel best highlight the details of the cookie or the process. They can document the work-in-progress, but also the final.  Images should be sent as JPEGs at LEAST 575 pixels wide and at MOST 900 pixels wide (72 dpi)3. Your Description: We love to hear about your cookies: the recipe, the special ingredients, any challenges you had, and any tips you may have for our readers. Please list all applicable vendors or sources that you would like to see credited.

What happens next?

Please know we review every submission and just because the submission you sent may not have been a right fit – it certainly does not mean we wouldn’t love to feature a cookie from you in the future.  We love looking through your submissions and are grateful that you are part of our community.

Thank you!

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